We are extremely proud of our work, look after our kittens and we give them the best possible start to life.  For the first few weeks of their lives, the kittens stay in our bedroom, making sure they are safe from any dangers and where mum feels safe.   From birth we handle our kittens as much as possible, so they are very well socialized,  used to and enjoy human contact.  We also have young children, so the kittens are constantly played with and handled.  

We update potential new homes from the waiting list of the kittens progress soon after birth and throughout their time with us with photos and messages, so that the new families feel bonded with the kitten, even before they leave for the new homes.  We take a lot of photos and often share them online for everyone to see :) 

At 3/4 weeks of age we start to wean our kittens on a balanced raw diet and we start the litter training.  Most of the kittens are fully litter trained by 6/8 weeks of age.  

The kittens are not formally reserved and we do not ask for deposits until the kittens are 6/8 weeks old, and we have made the decision on who would be staying with us,  but often we already have new families waiting for their chosen kitten a lot sooner.
Kittens are vaccinated and health checked at 9 and 12 weeks old and neutered as soon as they can be. 

When our kittens are ready for their new home, most by 14/16 weeks they are fully litter trained, confident, outgoing, healthy and ready to love their new mums and dads. 


Meadowsphynx kittens come with:


  • 2 year HCM/congenital defect guarantee*

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Fully vaccinated and vet checked 

  • Microchipped

  • TICA registration

  • 5 generations pedigree

  • Wormed if necessary

  • 2kg of raw

  • Litter tray and litter they have been using with their litter mates for easy transition

  • Bed/Blanket with their mum and litter mates scent

  • Toys

*Although we are extremely conscientious in our breeding practice, it is impossible to promise that any Sphynx will not get HCM, or another disease caused by genetics or birth defects. If your cat dies during the guaranteed period with such a disease, we will provide another cat to you per your signed contract.

Current price for the kitten is £1200.



If you think you can give a perfect home to a naked kitten and are interested to be put on our waiting list please get in touch


We will email you an application form to fill in and get in contact with you upon its return.