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Meadowsphynx home cattery in Spalding, Lincolnshire

Welcome to MeadowSphynx. 


We are a small home breeder of Canadian Sphynx in Lincolnshire in United Kingdom.  We have a small number of cats and only a few litters per year. 

We started our crazy Sphynx journey in 2014 with our first breeding queen Bella, and since then we have imported quite a few cats from all over the world, including the USA, Spain, Latvia, Ukraine and a couple of cats bred in the UK.   Now we mostly work with our own lines and with a few very close breeder friends.  Over the years we have managed to make quite few families happy with their new additions.  You can read some of their testimonials HERE.  I have to warn you that, most of them come back for more nakids over and over, and most probably you won't just want one.   

Our cats are regularly health tested.  We scan our breeding cats for HCM yearly by certified cardiologists, we DNA test all our breeding cats for all known diseases (this includes the recently found gene mutation ALMS1 responsible for 60% of HCM in Sphynx) and also perform PCR tests to ensure we only use the healthiest cats in our breeding program. 

The health of our cats and kittens that we bring into this world is paramount.  


We occasionally show our cats with GCCF and TICA. On the photos you can see our homebred girl Grand Champion Meadowsphynx Sate and boy Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion MeadowSphynx Barry White.  



In 2017 we were featured on the hit ITV series The Secret World Of Posh Pets, where we were able to show all of our babies, as the programme has now been aired all over the world.

The filming started in October 2016 and showed all the way through the pregnancy, birth and progress of the growing up of the litter, and then finished with a kitten going to a new home, in early 2017.  There were a few mistakes made by the producers.  For one I am Polish not Ukrainian, also the age of kittens and time frames are not accurate.  As much as I enjoyed the filming it was very time consuming and tiring as the filming took HOURS each time we had the camera crew at our house.


To find out more about us and our cats, our breeding plans, news on kittens you are welcome to join our group on Facebook Meadowsphynx Family ❤ Sphynx Fashion ❤ | Facebook 

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Our cattery is a dedicated committee member of the Sphynx Cat Club and a member of Sphynx Cat Association in the UK and we have also voluntarily signed up to TICA'S Code Of Ethics.



We do not sell our cats for breeding and only pet homes are considered. 

If you think you can give a perfect home to a naked kitten, then please get in touch.  Our contact details and a contact form can be easily found on our contact link.  We will email you an application form to fill in and get in contact with you upon its return. 


We value our cats and their health.  We feed mainly raw and give the occasional treat of high quality grain free cat food.  The recipe that I use can be found on the pinned post on our Facebook page.  Just click the button below. 


​Since 2017 we have been supplying cat clothes to our Sphynx owners as we could never find clothes that we liked and none would fit properly.  

All SphynxFashion tops are ready made for immediate dispatch (apart from personalised tops as they are made to order) hand made in Europe and the UK. We have been selling our SphynxFashion tops for over 5 years and have been developing our design keeping your pet's comfort as our no1 priority and we always listen to our amazing customers comments to improve the design. We only use fabrics that are comfortable and kind to our pet's skin. 100% satisfaction is our goal so if you have any questions feel free to message and I will try to help as best as I can. We ship worldwide and postage cost is calculated at the checkout 🌍 

Our Size guide can be found here


For the latest stock and offers please check out or SphynxFashion page and give us a like

Do your cat a favour and dress them in SphynxFashion!

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