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SANTA DRESS - Sphynx Cat COSTUME (Available in Stock) MEDIUM ONLY


Size Guide:



22cm (8.5 inch) Neck, 36cm (14 inch) Tummy, 37cm (15 inch) Length

These will fit cats weighing between 2.5 kg - 4 kg (5.5 lb - 8 lb) approximately.


To establish the size of the cat clothes you will need for your fur baby, you should have their weight, measurement of their neck and tummy circumference at their widest point, and the length from the neck to the base of their tail.

We are always happy to advise you if you are placing your first order and do not know which size to go for. In the instance the size of the top does not quite fit we are always happy for you to get your top exchanged for a different size so long as the top is in its original condition with all tags attached.


All our cat tops are handmade meaning sizes are approximate and can vary depending on the elasticity of different materials used in each garment made.



Following Customer feedback and returning customer orders we believe that our #SphynxFashion Tops are the best value, most comfortable and possibly the best quality cat clothes available to buy online since 2016.

We ship our cat clothes worldwide and have a large community of SphynxFashion models proudly wearing and raving about our designs all over social media.


All our tops are ready made and available to ship immediately from the UK. We can also make bespoke tops/dresses, you can have your cat or even cattery name printed on a range of colours and fabrics. just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to fulfil your desires.



For the longevity of the clothes:

Hand Wash Only / Do Not Tumble Dry


Orders over £50 free delivery (UK ONLY)


PriceFrom £24.95
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