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HCM SCAN RESULTS 2nd June 2024

Absolutely delighted to report GC MeadowSphynx Vincero aka Harry, MeadowSphynx Viva Vennila aka Nelly, Velvetskin Sincerely Yous aka Mochi, GC MeadowSphynx Sate aka Lola and CH MeadowSphynx QT all scanned clear today! I can not tell you the relief I feel with each and every cat I scan

Also two neutered boys from my breeding have come for the clinic with their owners to have a scan MeadowSphynx To Be Loved aka Phoenix and MeadowSphynx Valentine aka Atlas and scanned clear. I am also super pleased to have such wonderful pet homes. Thank you so much for bringing the boys to have them scanned xx

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