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MeadowSphynx Sphynx Cat Breeder, short introduction

Meadowsphynx Breeder Kinga Edwards
Kinga Edwards MeadowSphynx Sphynx Breeder

My name is Kinga Edwrads and since i can remember I have always wanted to be a cat breeder. In 2014, I have gotten my very first own Sphynx cat Bella and since then been dedicated to breeding Canadian Sphynx cats.

Sphynx Black Tabby Tortie
BellBella My fisrt sphynx, Currenly 10 years old

Our cats and kittens are treated as family members and provided with the utmost care. To guarantee their well-being, all our breeding cats undergo regular health tests. We entrust only certified cardiologists to scan them yearly for HCM, we DNA test them for all known diseases and perform PCR tests to ensure only the healthiest cats are used to bring the strongest kittens into the world. In 2017 we founded our cat clothing brand, SphynxFashion as we could never find clothes that we liked and that would fit properly. We now supply clothes to many cat and dog owners all over the world. If you're interested in becoming the parent to a Sphynx, or would like to see the range of our SphynxFashion cat clothing brand please don't hesitate to browse our website or contact us through the chat.

I will be adding loads more informative posts to my blog so stay tuned. If yu have any questions or have any interesting facts to share please get in touch. I am always happy to help.

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