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Raw Feeding

I have decided to show you all how I make my cat food step by step

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7.5 kg of chicken thigh (including skin and bone!)

1.5kg beef (you can use any muscle meat, can be mince or cheaper more fatty cuts, heart-just be careful as heart can cause a little runs if you use too much)

0.5kg ox liver

0.5kg of ox heart


0.5kg kidney or other offal: brain, lungs etc

I add 5 scoops of taurine powder (look on ebay)

5-10 egg yolks (too much egg can cause use tummy so start with less or offer it on its own to start)

Large tin of pilchards in tomato sauce

***I always make 20 or 40kg each time. And with all prep and clean up it takes me on my own about 2.5 hours if Simon is helping with mincing while i chop the bones it is less then 2 hours.

To start I cut the bones out and smash them with cleaver - it saves my mincer from breaking.

I mince all meat, heart and offal on large plate. That makes the food less paté like.

Once all meat is minced I put the small plate on and mince just the bones. I used to mince them all together and never had an issue on large, but since few of my friends cats had a chunk of bone stuck between teeth I decided to do bones on fine.

I then add egg yolks and taurine and add some water. Blend it well and add to the mince. Once all the meat is mixed I divide the ready mix into takeaway tubs for freezing. The tubs stack well and save room in freezer, they are also dishwasher safe and reusable.

You can add fish or fish oil when making raw or to each meal. Be careful as some cats don't tolerate fish or egg well, so start with plain meat/bone/offal mix (thighs, heart, liver, beef) mix and add eggs/fish separately to make sure your cats can eat it without issues.

Remember when changing cats diet always do it gradually.

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