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UV protective cat clothes and sun cream advice

Updated: Jun 6



I would like to address the matter of UV protection in some cat clothes on the market.

We do not and will not offer them.  ALL our clothes provide a sufficient amount of UV protection for the amount of time the nakids can spend outside just like human/children's clothes do.  Specially made fabrics that are intended for outdoor sport use, will give you a false sense of security.  As you know cats (and dogs) should not be kept in direct sunlight for long periods of time to avoid overheating.  Also you are not able to cover every inch of their body to protect them from burning.  As you wouldn't allow small children to lay in direct sunlight without any shade, don't let your pets do it for their own safety.  If you can provide a safe catproof outdoor space, shaded at all times, that would be even better.

In regards to sun creams it is everyone's personal choice, however please be mindful that the cats will lick their skin, and even if you manage to find a sun cream, that is non toxic to pets, they may cause a stomach upset.


Please limit the time your naked (and furry) cats and dogs spend outside as the temperatures spike. Overheating can be very dangerous to a pets health/even life.

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